Emotional Intelligence for tolerance and resilience – closing words on the EMOTICON Erasmus+ youth exchange


35 young people, 8 countries, 17 languages, 7 days – that is what the Emoticon project was in numbers. 14-18 year-olds from Hungary, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Malta, Ivory Coast and Gambia came together in Ballaró, the multicultural heart of Palermo, to exchange their views on human rights, conflicts, diversity, and on what Europe is, how much we feel “Europeans” and how inclusive our Europe is.

The educational sessions of the youth exchange were composed by four main topics: self-awareness, self-expression and management, awareness for the others and relationship management. Four elements of Emotional Intelligence that, if developed from an early age, lead to healthy relationships with oneself and with the others. This is why FORME chooses and promotes the involvement of minors in such projects, giving the opportunity to grow up in a multicultural reality and to perceive the presence of the “different” as a natural composer of our society.

The main methods used during the youth exchange were artistic and creative activities, utilizing such methods for expression of feelings and for the creation of stories. The outputs of the activities are two Picture Books created by the participants and a deck of “Feelings Cards”, which will be soon downloadable from our website and can be used as educational tools with multicultural groups.

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