“Exiled lives – Migrants, human rights and democracy” Summer School (EN)


Exiled lives – Migrants, human rights and democracy. The University of Palermo has organised its 10th edition of the Summer School, which hosted 49 people from all over the globe – from the United States to Finnland, Argentina, Serbia, Germany, France and so on.

FORME has contributed to the programme of the summer school with two activities. On the first day we facilitated the team building activities which had a special focus on intercultural competencies and on decision making and negotiation dynamics which has ended in an interesting discussion about what we know in theory and how we behave instinctively when it comes to real-life situations.

For the fourth day of the activities we organised a special guided tour to discover the „invisible” Palermo – the city though a migrant’s eyes. Ebra and Mel were our guides and story tellers, sharing their thoughts and emotions about the Palermo they live in. The tour was a tool to look behind the obvious and to discover the multicultural reality of the city, through the experience of the ones who actually live it.  This encounter has also facilitated the creation of a relationship between the „locals”, our guides and the „visitors”, the participants.

On Friday the participants of the summer school has also taken part in the initiative Arte Migrante Palermo, which this time has chosen Piazza Magione as its venue. It was an excellent opportunity to get in contact with the local activists and civil society actors, and to spend the evening with non-formal activities and artistic performances.

We wish the participants of the summer school a safe flight back home, and we hope to see you again next year!